A better future for Ethiopian street children: your donation goes directly to them!


Embrace is a not-for-profit foundation erected in 2013. We organise fundraising activities in different continents. The money we raise goes 100% to partner organisations like Yenege Tesfa in Ethiopia. They dedicate the money to give 14 street children a new home in Gondar. That’s how we embrace their future.

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  • Twelve EmbRACERS raised 3,220 EUR for the future of our 14 kids in Ethiopia!
    A big thank you to all our walkers, runners and of course sponsors!
  • Embrace goes Ethiopia from 26 October till 3 November.
    Interested in our next trip? Contact us at lut@foundationembrace.org
  • Famous Irish band Ven_ture brought a fantastic concert on 24 April.
    Do you want to organise a fundraiser concert with them? Contact us at jurgen@foundationembrace.org