About us

Embrace foundation gives support to Yenege Tesfa and Let Us Change, two local Ethiopian ngos focusing on a worthier, more sustainable and qualitative life for underprivileged children and local communities in Gondar and Hawassa (Ethiopia).
We adhere to some core values:


Vision: we want to provide underprivileged Ethiopian children (in a next stage we will expand to other African countries) with a future. We’re not going after quick results but look for long term solutions, together with our partner organisations in Africa.

Engagement: our sponsors, volunteers and ambassadors are the backbone of our organisation. Their efforts, passion and belief in our projects are of utmost importance.

Feedback: we want to keep our fans posted about our activities and the results as frequently as possible

Transparency: every cent counts and is vital for the children. Donors have the right to know what happens with their money. Open communication about the way we spend the money and minimal costs are key.